Gary M. Bobbitt
Bobbitt Memorial Chapel

"I was impressed by Dan's ability to develop a harmonious relationship with subcontractors and juggle various calendars in such a way as to keep our time-table on schedule. He kept them to the highest standards throughout the process, giving to us a facility we are extremely proud of.

Dan kept an open door policy with me and my staff. We were able to communicate at any time we felt the need. He proved himself to be open in providing any information we desired and accepted our suggestions in a receptive manner.

I highly recommend Dan Carlone Construction to anyone who needs such services. Any future construction we do will be handled by Dan."

James M. Gerstenslager
Western Region Director
Little League Baseball & Softball

"This is my first venture of this type but I cannot imagine any general contractor and staff doing a better job than you and your people (especially Ryan’s day to day oversight). Because of our inexperience and lack of understanding on what we really needed done, I was especially grateful that you were accommodating on all of the last minute changes we asked for.

The end result of your work will have a positive impact on Little League’s image and help us to maintain our positive standing in youth sports here in the Western United States for many years to come.

Again, thank you for a job well done and please feel free to use us as a reference to anyone that is considering using your company in the future."

Greg Eger
Granum Partners

"Dan Carlone Construction has assisted us in the construction of two office buildings in the City of San Bernardino over the past year. We have been extremely impressed by their efforts; the entire organization has been a pleasure to deal with. The quality of the work has been excellent, the projects have been on budget with a minimum of issues. Dan has gone out of his way to assist us on various issues well outside the scope of a general contractor; this has been invaluable with us being out of town developers. We currently have plans to construct an additional four office buildings in the City of San Bernardino and we would not consider dealing with any other organization."

Rick Lazar, Broker
Lazar & Lauer Commercial Real Estate

"I have known Dan Carlone professionally, as well as personally, for the past five years. During this time, Carlone Construction has, time and again, met and exceeded the expectations of both myself and my clients whenever Dan has been involved in any phase of construction relating to our various projects and commercial development.

Having been a real estate broker in the Inland Empire for twenty years, I can count on one hand, the people and businesses in this industry that I feel comfortable endorsing with no hesitation or reservations. As a rule, I have learned the hard way is that it is better to be a little vague when making a personal recommendation, as it generally' becomes a reflection of your own professionalism and reliability.

However, Dan Carlone and Carlone Construction have proved to be an exception to this rule. I have come to rely on Dan's business ethics, his sense of time1ines and dependability and his high level of professional responsibility. I only wish that there were more businesses and business owners conducting themselves in this same way. It would certainly make my job a lot less stressful."

Bob Schoberth,
Superintendent of Construction

"Since June of 1998, as Superintendent of Construction for Lorna Linda University Medical Center, I have had the opportunity of working with Dan Carlone of Carlone Construction on several projects, ranging from approximately $65,000.00 to $1,500,000.00. I have discovered Dan to be an individual of high integrity. Over the years he has built up good list of sub contractors, which have displayed good quality in their workmanship. I welcome the opportunity to continue working with him in the future."

Kenneth J. Breyer
Administrative Director

"We want to express our appreciation for the steady, fair and consistent performance of your construction team. We have appreciated the good comunication and the commitment to good work that Dan Carlone Construction has exhibited. You make significant efforts to meet deadlines, maintain a high quality project and product and keep a clean construction site. We . have appreciated the willingness of your team to incorporate LLUMC standards and procedures for construction. Your superintendents and your construction team in general have exhibited an ability to manage construction of a wide variety of projects: From commercial construction (as in the Dental School remodel in the Motel), to the Gary Anderson Playroom on the 5th floor of the Medical Center to new construction (Geoscience Research Institute) or laboratory/research tenant improvements (CRI Neuroscience Remodel).

Dan, we feel that the quality of the construction and construction product is a result of the personal integrity and expertise you have exhibited. You are a man of your word and it shows·in your work."

Jesse Mock
Vice President
Facilities & Environment

"I would like to thank you for your prompt response and repair to Unit 3800. I appreciated the dedication to provide responsive and efficient service, most importantly, to the patients and families.  Your team is truly an asset to Lorna Linda."

John R. Byram
Sautter/Byram Architects

"We are extremely pleased with Dan Carlone Construction, Inc's efforts on behalf of  our clients, Dr. Anil Punjabi, in constructing his surgery center and medical offices. 

Your firm's professionalism in working with the Doctor, Sautter/Byram Architects, and the many other involved, to find solutions and achieve a quality project - of which all parties can be proud - was deeply appreciated. Interacting with your informed, contentious and reliable staff was also a pleasure."

Valerie C. Ross

City of San Bernardino 

Director of Development Services:

planning, building, and public works/engineering

"I had the opportunity to work with Dan on numerous projects. He brought with him a team of professionals including architects, engineers, and landscape designers. He held them to the same high standard he applied to himself.

One of Dan’s strong points is that he did his homework. Although he was quite familiar with building code requirements and city rules and regulations, he met with staff prior to submitting an application or a bid to the client. This reduced “surprises” and conflicts with staff through the process, but more importantly, it saved the client time and money. There are always unforeseen situations in construction, but Dan’s foresight helped minimize them.

Dan had a reputation for quality work, which was evidenced by the inspection reports and inspectors’ comments throughout the project. He delivered projects that were an asset to the city of San Bernardino, and his clients as well. Dan was always very accessible. If a situation arose, I could always count on Dan being available to resolve it as quickly as possible."

John Eric Masters

Hospital Construction Inspector

"I take the pleasure of recommending Ray Carlone and Dan Carlone Construction for any type of construction project that you are considering. Ray has acted as General Superintendent for Dan Carlone Construction for several projects over the years at Cedars Sinai ranging from office renovations and food service to imaging equipment replacements and concrete and steel structures.

I have worked closely with Ray for several years and have been impressed with his work ethics and integrity. Ray and his support staff from DCC are competent in their duties and have portrayed a high level of professionalism during each and every project. They are organized and quality oriented and can always get the job done.

Ray takes pride in the quality of his work and is dedicated to completing his job correctly and professionally with honesty and integrity. He is willing to personally perform even the most menial tasks to help remove project obstacles and to get the job done. He is able to envision from the drawings how specific parts or details of the project should look and flow, and then communicate those concepts to his subcontractors clearly and concisely. Ray is also very experienced in assessing the contract drawings and collaborating with the architect throughout the course of the project to help point out oversights that would unnecessarily cause delays. Again, I have no reservations in recommending Ray Carlone and Dan Carlone Construction for whatever construction needs you may have."